BRC - IFS: Policy and Food Safety.

Aware of the importance of the application of the techniques of quality in the company, Ca' Messighi s.r.l. starts the application of its management system conforms to the schemes of self BRC and IFS to achieve an improvement of the standards of safety and legality of its products and the company's image in the international markets as well as enhancements to internal quality.

The company's goal is to consolidate the environment of loyalty already recognized by our customers.

This objective involves the commitment of all staff being the quality and safety in a fine job of every employee of our company.

The specific objectives, as defined by management, to be achieved through the management system of self-control, are related to the following points:

1. Satisfy their customers in terms of product, continuously improve the quality of its products and its processes starting from the complaints registered with the same and their suggestions for improvement.

2. Optimize the relationship with Suppliers promoting in particular the growth of local producers. This is to establish a supply system that ensures a long trouble free service for both the continuity of the characteristics required to supplies, both for the respect of the timing and mode of delivery and more generally able to achieve the objectives of quality and corporate development.

3. Actively involve, according to the principles of ethics, staff in the implementation of the policy for Quality and Safety, within the company spread the goals of quality, food safety, health and safety of workers and the programs with which it intends to achieve these objectives. Prosecute the constant growth of competence and efficiency and effectiveness of its work through:

• definition, knowledge and control of production processes;

• planning and management of appropriate training activities and updating;

• inclusion, where necessary, new adequate resources.

4. Improve and strengthen the company's position on the domestic and foreign maintaining priority orientation towards products that characterize the culture and traditional Italian food with particular reference to the Ligurian while responding to the most advanced standards of control and guarantee of the product through the 'application of a quality assurance system for food safety in compliance with the HACCP principles

5. To provide its customers with products with microbiological improvement compared to the limits of the law, where applicable, to ensure hygiene and health of products through systems of prevention and control methods of the critical phases of the production process, ensuring the fulfillment of all the obligations of the requirements of safety and legality of the products, as well as its responsibility towards the health of the consumer.

6. Ensure, through an appropriate investment policy, the constant technological upgrading of facilities, capital equipment and manufacturing facilities meet criteria of environmental sustainability.

7. To work for the continuous improvement of production processes and the overall effectiveness of the Management System of Quality and Safety.

                                               Issue date: 12/01/2015                                                   The Direction